F1A dental unit

A competitively priced air driven dental unit specifically designed for the UK market. Available with traditional hanging hoses or continental whip arms. Basic model comes with syringe + 2 fibre optic outlets. Other options available.

F1 knee break chair

The f1 stand alone knee break chair has the largest movement range on the market from the Trendelenburgh position to the sitting up knee break position. With a vertical adjustment of 43 to 93 centimeters a comfortable working position will be achieved.

neo knee break chair

Stylish, ergonomic and elegantly designed the neo chair will grace any surgery. With it's small bas it will fit into compact spaces and the extensive monement range ensures a comfortable working position. A high quality chair with Finnish design and manufacture.



Welcome to FIMET.


Established in 1981 Fimet is now a global manufacturer and has developed an international reputation operating in over 50 countries. The chairs and units are designed and manufactured in Finland ensuring high quality and service.

The Fimet philosophy is simple -to design and produce affordable, high quality dental treatment systems that meet the demands of our customers. Our goal is not to be the biggest provider in the industry but rather to serve as a close and reliable partner.

Let us be your partner!

Fimet is available through our import agent BDSI Ltd call 01226 380400 or email colin@fimetuk.co.uk. We have a network of engineers throughout the country familiar with Fimet equipment.

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